practice #20 aperture by mikael tobias

practice #20: aperture by mikael tobias
saturday, december 16th, 4pm, free entry, all ages
never apart
7049 saint-urbain
we would like all guests to be able to participate, so pls arrive on time.
seating is limited and first come, first served.

mikael tobias – aperture

mikael tobias, one of the original founders and noise makers of practice, moved to copenhagen a year ago. while visiting montreal this december, tobias has graciously offered to play an experimental set for practice.

in optics, an aperture is an opening through which light travels to focus into an image. in the human eye, the iris and pupil work together to form the aperture, contracting and dilating to regulate the amount of light admitted.

imagining this process in sonic landscape, tobias explores the psychoacoustic opening of the mind using noise as well as organic and synthesized sounds. slowly blending, expanding, and toying with the interactions between frequency and rhythm, this set transposes aperture from light to sound, decelerating the process by multitudes.

deliberating, mikael builds tunnels of sound that weave and entwine through the air, slowly unfurling and brightening. in sympathetic resonance, the mind and body can allow for a state of consciousness to bloom and unfold, increasing sensitivity. with heightened openness, thoughts may become clearer and physicality may be more embodied as the sonic environment envelops the listener.

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practice is an investigation of the capability of sound to induce different transcendental states of awareness and being. through a series of noise sets, practice explores the experiential application of theories underpinning the transformational properties of sound, such as cymatics, music therapy, sound healing, brain entrainment, and binaural-beat perception.

each session features a noise artist, who, informed by their own knowledge of sound, creates a immersive set intended to bend consciousness. listeners are encouraged to embrace a receptive, meditative attitude during sets.

we don’t mind if you’re new or old to noise or meditation.
if you’re curious to be engaged, to open yourself to new experiences and to hear some noise, then join us.

we have yoga mats available to use and listeners are invited to bring their own sitting paraphernalia if they please.

never apart is a non-profit organization in montréal, québec, canada, determined to bring about social change and spiritual awareness through cultural programming with global reach and impact.

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practice cph #1: new surroundings

very excited to bring practice to Copenhagen for the first time!

sunday may 14, 2017, 17.00, free entry
@ CPH LIVE (Sankelmarksgade 11, København V)

practice is a series of group mediations using noise to induce different transcendental states of awareness and being.
whether your experience with meditation is fresh or familiar, if you’re curious to be engaged, to open yourself to new experiences and to bask in sound, please join us!


a recent transplant to copenhagen from montreal, sound artist, mikael tobias will design two sets of immersive noise intending to catalyze alterations in the mental states of participants. exploring the psychoacoustic properties of elemental sound, tobias seeks to use sonic space as an extension of the material environment. through corporeal engagement with noise, there is a continual investment in the present moment that allows the mind to detach from its thoughts. in meditational improvisation, tobias manipulates filtered noise, low frequency oscillations and both steady and stochastic rhythms to create conditions conducive to the emergence of new experiences.

we would like all guests to be able to participate, so please arrive on time. seating is limited and first come, first served. feel free to bring a yoga mat, meditation cushion, blanket, etc… for your optimal comfort.

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practice #11: scent and sound

saturday, april 22nd, 5pm, free entry
never apart
7049 saint-urbain
we would like all guests to be able to participate, so pls arrive on time.
seating is limited and first come, first served.

sound artist jeremy young pairs up with scent artist and zen buddhist chaplain in training alex beth to guide a collective meditation through scent and sound.

scent is one of our strongest senses in its ability to recall images, memories and distant forgotten moments, as well as to forge new kinds of relationships . when combined with meditative sonic blankets, we are deeply excited to explore what new landscapes this compound might evoke.

awareness of the memories and emotions recalled when introduced to the associated scents and sounds can give us glimpses into our many ways of being in relationship to the world… past, present and future.

in two sets, a subtle narrative is created through sounds by young and scents by alex beth. using materials from the jean talon market, alex beth strays from essential oils and employs techniques such as toasting, cracking, stewing and simmering to open and disseminate fragrances, while young moves between a variety of instruments, objects and electronics to sew together a floating cloud of minimal noise.

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samedi 22 avril à 17h
entrée gratuite
never apart
7049 saint-urbain

nous aimerions que tous les invités puissent participer, arrivez à l’heure svp.
les places sont limitées, premier arrivé, premier servi.

l’artiste sonore jeremy young s’associe avec l’artiste des odeurs et l’aumônière bouddhiste zen alex beth pour guider une méditation collective à travers l’odeur et le son.

l’odorat est l’un de nos sens les plus forts dans sa capacité à rappeler des images, des souvenirs et des moments lointains oubliés, ainsi que de forger de nouveaux types de relations. lorsqu’ils sont combinés avec des couvertures sonores méditatives, nous sommes profondément ravis d’explorer quels nouveaux paysages ce composé pourrait évoquer.

la prise de conscience des souvenirs et des émotions rappelés lors de l’introduction des parfums et des sons associés peut nous donner un aperçu de nos multiples façons d’être en relation avec le monde … passé, présent et futur.

en deux ensembles, un récit subtil est créé par des sons de jeremy young et des parfums par Alex Beth. Utilisant des matériaux du marché jean-talon, alex beth vagabonde entre diverses huiles essentielles et emploie des techniques telles que le grillage, le craquage, la cuisson pour ouvrir et diffuser des parfums, tandis que Young se déplace entre une variété d’instruments, d’objets et d’électroniques pour coudre un nuage flottant de bruit minimal.