suoni x practice: jane/kin

Suoni Per Il PopoloCKUT 90.3FM et Never Apart présentent:

practice #27: jane/kin
saturday, june 16th, 4pm, PWYC
never apart
7049 saint-urbain
we would like all guests to be able to participate, so pls arrive on time. seating is limited and first come, first served.

for this special meditation performance, jane/kin will focus on different utilisations of the microphone, both as an object of amplification, and as a tool to generate sonic phenomena. as a duo, they aim to develop the deepest connections possible between the electronic musician, the acoustic musician and the performance space. using feedback as a “third” voice, they’ll be in search of the exact resonances and proportions of tones to give us all the feeling of walking a tightrope together.

jane/kin brings together saxophone player and vocalist ida toninato with laptop musician, spatialist and foley artist ana dall’ara-majek. their music stands between instrumental, electronic and a certain taste for drones. having made their debut as a duet at festival akousma xii (2015), in montreal, they develop multi-disciplinary projects in collaboration with dancers, visual artists and interface programmers. jane/kin have been artists in residency, along with vj myriam boucher, at the satosphere, a modular immersive theatre in montreal (2017). they also performed at various venues such as: akousma xiv, daïmôn, symposium ix, la vitrola, suoni per il popolo and toronto international electroacoustic symposium. currently, they are on a residency at le viver/gesù (montreal) for the creation of a show for kids using invented instruments and video mapping.

oscillating between dark drones and metal-like melodies, jane/kin’s music takes its time to construct a startling resonance.


Pour cette performance spéciale, Jane/KIN se concentrera sur différentes utilisations du microphone en tant qu’amplificateur et outil générateur de phénomènes sonores. Le duo vise à créer des connexions profondes entre le musicien électronique, le musicien acoustique et l’espace qui accueille la performance. En utilisant le feedback comme troisième voix du groupe, il construit un alliage de résonances et de tonalités qui évoque le sentiment de marcher, collectivement, sur la corde raide. 

Jane/KIN réunit la saxophoniste et vocaliste Ida Toninato et la musicienne électronique, spatialiste et artiste foley Ana Dall’Ara-Majek. Leur musique se situe entre l’instrumental, l’électronique et les drones. Ayant fait leurs premières armes en tant que duo au festival Akousma XII (2015) à Montréal, le duo a développé des projets multidisciplinaires en collaboration avec des danseurs, des artistes visuels et des programmeurs d’interfaces. En 2017, Jane/KIN était en résidence d’artiste avec VJ Myriam Boucher à la Satosphere, un théâtre modulaire immersif de Montréal. Le duo s’est produit dans plusieurs festivals et salles, incluant Akousma XIV, Daïmôn, Symposium IX, La Vitrola, Suoni Per il Popolo et le Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium. Il est actuellement en résidence au Viver du Gesù, à Montréal, pour la création d’un spectacle pour enfants au moyen de divers instruments et de mapping vidéo.

Oscillant entre des drones sombres et des mélodies aux influences métal, la musique de Jane/KIN construit de délicates, mais saisissantes résonances.


practice is an investigation of the capability of sound to induce different transcendental states of awareness and being. through a series of noise sets, practice explores the experiential application of theories underpinning the transformational properties of sound, such as cymatics, music therapy, sound healing, brain entrainment, and binaural-beat perception.

each session features a noise artist, who, informed by their own knowledge of sound, creates a immersive set intended to bend consciousness. listeners are encouraged to embrace a receptive, meditative attitude during sets.

we don’t mind if you’re new or old to noise or meditation.
if you’re curious to be engaged, to open yourself to new experiences and to hear some noise, then join us.


we have yoga mats available to use and listeners are invited to bring their own sitting paraphernalia if they please.

never apart is a non-profit organization in montréal, québec, canada, determined to bring about social change and spiritual awareness through cultural programming with global reach and impact.

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We would like to acknowledge that the land on which we gather for this event is located on unceded Indigenous lands. The Kanien’kehá:ka Nation is recognized as the custodians of the lands and waters on which we gather today. Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal is historically known as a gathering place for many First Nations. Today, it is home to a diverse population of Indigenous and other peoples. We respect the continued connections with the past, present and future in our ongoing relationships with Indigenous and other peoples within the Montreal community.