practice 6 – lone tone

practice #6: lone tone
saturday, december 3rd, 5pm, free entry
never apart
7049 saint-urbain
we would like all guests to be able to participate, so please arrive on time.

certain frequencies have been known to have a powerful effect on listeners. tones from the ancient solfeggio scale are said to have transformative impact, such as healing, repairing, inspiring creativity, maintaining focus, altering moods, calming the mind, and sparking love. these tones have been used in historically sacred music, such as in gregorian chants. in this session sound artist jeremy young uses a durational experience with one lone tone. this provides an intimate listening allowing for the effect of the tone to become apparent. in two 25 minutes sets, young explores single frequencies using a tone generator, incorporating tape loops of amplified breath and oceanic waves to facilitate a meditative soundscape.
this may not be easy listening, but by giving up the easy we allow for the potential to go deep.
more on the artist jeremy young, here:

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