practice 44: markus floats

practice 43: james benjamin

practice 42: joël lavoie

practice 41: ylangylang

practice 40: zlata

practice 39: christian scott (jupiter in 7th)

practice 38: sid frank

practice x mutek sonic circuits: lyndsie alguire

practice 37: holobody

practice 36: schnuppofsky

practice 35: sleep fairy

practice 34: hazy montagne mystique

practice 33: hansa

practice 32: stangerfamiliar

practice 31: be heintzman hope

practice 30: jérémi roy

practice x mutek

practice 29: listening out loud by jesse perlstein

practice 28: processing the now

suoni x practice 27: jane/kin

suoni x practice 26: js truchy

suoni x practice 25: ari swan

practice 24: anabasine

practice 23: lyndsie alguire

practice 22: sonic apophenia

practice 21: two colour sets by Piper Curtis

practice 20: aperture by mikael tobias

practice 19: water sine by nick schofield

practice 18: radio therapy by martín rodríguez

practice 17: grkzgl

practice 16: detune

practice 15: adam basanta

practice in cph 2: distortion

practice 13: tunnel. a listening session

practice 12: core values

practice in cph 1: new surroundings

practice 11: scent and sound

practice 10: layered in synth trance

practice 9: collection of small moments

practice 8: fractals and kittens

practice 7: resounding echoes return

practice 6: lone tone

practice 5: polarities

practice 4: visceral realities

practice off site: quiet village

practice 3: abstracting the physical

practice 2: specific frequency

practice 1: preliminary research